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Main Contact Number: 206-214-6996
Ensuring your safe, comfortable, and happy living

When our loved ones come to a point in life when they cannot live at their own home safely any longer, we seek the help of assisted living communities to provide them with the care they need.

At Blue Haven, we make sure to provide our residents with a home-like environment to help them transition smoothly. We provide 24/7 care services to help them feel at ease, safe, and healthy in the comfort of our homes. Our team also makes sure to care for them compassionately, helping them enjoy their golden years and independence in the best way possible.

Our care services include:

As medical and physical needs change, we always update our service plan and the delivery of care. This is to ensure that we will continuously meet the changing individual needs of our residents. For more information about our care services, please feel free to contact us.