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Main Contact Number: 206-214-6996
Hearty and Healthy Dining

Blue Haven serves our residents with three nutritious home-cooked meals daily, snacks, and beverages. We accommodate all special dietary needs and always consider individual food preferences to provide our residents with a great dining experience.

We understand that food and mealtimes are necessary to fostering each community to celebrate connections and special occasions. That is why we see to it that our mealtimes are:

  • Healthy and delicious, and are regularly revised by a licensed dietitian to meet doctor-recommended diets and specific meal restrictions
  • Feature daily specials and local favorites made from fresh produce and seasonal ingredients
  • Restaurant-style meals produced by an experienced cook
  • Focus on nutrition to provide the nutrients our resident’s need, along with the flavors they love
  • Part of socialization to help our residents make new friends and make meaningful connections

With us, you can guarantee that your loved ones will get healthy, nutritious meal options over good conversations at every mealtime. For further information about our meals and snacks, please feel free to contact us.